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At Beautifully Nailed you will receive professional services using quality products in a relaxing and exciting atmosphere. My goal is to continue to provide creative nail designs with the focus of keeping your natural nails healthy. It is essential that healthy nails are maintained and becomes a priority for each client. My dedication to advancing my education allows me to give acquired information to my clients. It is my duty to provide each of my clients with the highest level of respect and an ultimate nail experience, while promising a safe and clean working environment.

Also, Specialize in Medical Foot Services

  • Diabetic Safe

  • Waterless Treatments

  • Routine Foot Care

  • Onyfix Ingrown Toenail Correction Certified

  • Toenail Repair/Reconstruction 


Important: I do not give medical advice nor have the ability to diagnose or treat diseases in any way. I am only able to provide cosmetic and routine care services, whether you have difficulties seeing/ reaching your feet or maintaining your foot health. A podiatrist is needed for Athlete's Foot, Fungal Nails, or any nail that is bleeding, swollen, or causes pain.   

Appointments Only
Kids are welcome only if being serviced.
I do not apply extension services on kids under the age of 12,
polish or gel polish only. If you do not have an appointment you may call or text to see if I have anything available.

If you come without calling or texting for any reason you may be asked to leave.

Contact Me

Text (334) 721-4066


Hours of Operation
Appointment Only
you must schedule appt on my booking site, I rarely accept walk-in but I post walk-in availability on my social page.
Any questions about availability may be texted to

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